7 Reasons for Switching to a Modern Heat Pump

Updated: May 2023
Heat Pumps

We’ve all been in an environment where one room is too hot, another too cold and an additional space is just right. That’s just how it goes with a conventional HVAC system.

All-climate heat pumps make getting room temperature just right – aka comfortable – a reality. A few other advantages of heat pumps are health, efficiency, cost savings and going green.

Modern, all-electric heat pumps offer the ability to cool or heat rooms to achieve optimal comfort levels. Even so, misconceptions surrounding heat pumps still exist. Today’s versions are reliable, sustainable and much more effective than ones from the past.

As such, here are seven reasons why you should consider investing in an all-electric heat pump.

1. Heat pumps air-condition and heat your home

If only we could rename them since ducted and/or ductless heat pump systems can air-condition and heat and are quickly becoming the HVAC solution of choice for homeowners.

Heat pumps easily meet your home’s year-round comfort and energy-efficiency needs. The heat pump system includes a ducted or ductless indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser unit. To heat your home, an outdoor heat pump absorbs heat energy from the air before transferring it to an inside unit through refrigerant. Once inside, a fan blows air over the heated coil to warm a room. The process reverses to air-condition a room – the fan blows through a cold coil to cool a room.

2. They work great in cold and warm climates

Having explained how they work, let’s bust a common myth: heat pumps are just for milder climates like their 1970s predecessors. Wrong! Today’s all-electric heat pumps work well in cold and warm climates, so they are a great option whether you live in New York or Georgia. Modern, all-climate heat pumps keep homes comfortable and provide guaranteed heating even when it’s below 0⁰ F outside.

Additionally, if you choose a multi-zone heat pump system, you can vary operation and temperature by room, saving you money. For example, if a room is unoccupied, you can set it back to a milder temperature, shut it off. Similarly, if one family member prefers a cooler room and another likes it toasty, each can choose their temperature setting of choice. They can make each room just right.

3. You’ll get incentives for installing a heat pump

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 helps homeowners potentially save thousands of dollars by installing energy-efficient heat pumps. The IRA brings energy-bill relief through incentives to adopt more efficient, all-electric appliances.

Starting this year, through the Energy Efficient Home Improvement (25C) Tax Credit, you may claim 30% of your installation costs of an all-climate heat pump, or up to $2,000 credit on your 2023 taxes! You should consult your tax advisor for guidance. The all-climate heat pump must meet or exceed the highest performance tier set by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). Mitsubishi Electric Trane US HVAC LLC has an expansive list of qualifying products. Find what utility, state, or local incentives may be available in your area, including the IRA tax credit. Ask your installing contractor for more details.

4. Modern units help fight climate change

By cashing in on any of these benefits, you are helping reduce your carbon footprint. Switching from gas-powered HVACs that emit carbon emissions into the atmosphere to an electrical heat pump reduces your carbon footprint – a benefit that has become increasingly important to today’s conscious consumers. Switching to heat pumps also cuts down on energy bills.

Kiplinger recently wrote that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) said installing an energy-efficient, electric heat pump reduces energy usage significantly. Specifically, ducted heat pumps cut energy usage in half. Ductless units work just as well. By cutting energy usage, you cut carbon emissions and contribute toward a greener environment, too.

5. Heat pumps are ultra-quiet

How would you like to enjoy the sound of silence from your heating and air-conditioning system? Not the iconic Simon & Garfunkel song but the sound of (near) silence an all-electric heat pump provides – like the gentle swish of rustling leaves.

Outdoor units are easy on the ears because of their inverter compressor technology, insulated compressor compartment, ultra-quiet fan motor and blade design, let alone other sound-dampening features and benefits. You may hear your heat pump when it first kicks on because the fan and compressor are waking up, but once it’s running, you’re likely not to notice any noise at all.

6. Heat pumps require minimal space

Today’s heat pumps often have a smaller, sleeker footprint and are more streamlined than old and aging conventional HVAC systems. Indoor units also offer appearance preferences. Mitsubishi Electric heat pump options include being mounted to the wall or floor or disappearing into the ceiling cassette. You have choices depending on what appeals to you and works in your home.

Right-sizing your heat pump is critical, and Diamond Contractors can help. You want to ensure your all-electric heat pump is neither too small nor too large to air-condition and heat your home appropriately.

7. Today’s units cost less to run than conventional heaters

Electric heat pumps usually save between $1,000 to $2,000 in yearly energy costs over oil/gas furnaces. This makes them one of the most energy-efficient and affordable heating and air-conditioning systems available. Savings may vary depending on the size of your home and thermostat settings, along with energy efficiency of windows, doors and insulation and other appliances.

Our heat pumps make your home feel just right

Mitsubishi Electric’s modern, energy-efficient heat pumps, whether ducted or ductless, are the superior way to heat and air-condition your home.

They enable homeowners like you to save money, reduce your carbon footprint and increase comfort in your favorite spaces. Our heat pump technology is designed for life, making every room in your home feel just right.

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