October 2021
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Scare Conditioning: 3 HVAC Horrors to Give You the Chills

Halloween is approaching, and everyone loves a good scary story. One tale in particular always makes us quake in our boots: When HVAC goes “bump” in the night. During this time of the year, heating system issues can be especially frightening. Winter is just around the corner and you want to be prepared for when cold weather rears its ugly head.

At Mitsubishi Electric Trane, ghost hunting may not be our specialty, but if you need answers to some of your spooky system issues, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s address a few HVAC issues you may be haunted by.

Systems that “bump” in the night

Traditional HVAC systems are commonly to blame for aggravating background noise in homes, especially when it’s time to sleep. You probably just pull the pillow over your ears and say, “Well, what can you do?” We’re here to say you can avoid this bone-chilling fate. Your heating and air-conditioning system can be high-performance, high-quality and run quietly.

All-electric heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric operate at ultra-quiet sound levels. With our mini- or multi-split systems, you won’t need to crank up the volume on your scary movie marathon to drown out the distracting hum common with conventional central units. Features like special fan designs and quiet motors with multiple fan speed settings create a tranquil environment to cringe in comfort.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pump outdoor units use an advanced and efficient method of operating: INVERTER-driven, variable-speed compressor technology. With this technology, your heat pump runs constantly and smoothly, ramping up or down as needed to maintain your desired temperature set point, but only using the precise amount of energy needed. This ensures there’s no noisy on/off cycling like with traditional systems. You read that right: no more loud clanging or whooshing as your furnace or central AC turns on and off.

Conditioning dark and empty rooms

We all know one of the scariest things about the cooler months can be your energy bill.

Conventional forced air systems give you little control over how individual rooms are heated or cooled. Vacant rooms are getting the same amount of conditioning as your favorite spots in the house. Fortunately, our modern heat pump systems can further reduce energy waste through precise zoning.

Why pay to heat the basement storeroom the same way you heat the kitchen or bedroom. Unless you’re trying to make sure the monsters down there are extra comfortable, you can forgo the waste and expense. With a zoned system, you have the option to set back or even turn off units in infrequently used rooms.

What’s lurking in the old ducts?

Here’s a genuinely scary fact: indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Viruses, bacteria, allergens, dust motes, gasses and other contaminants can combine forces to make the quality of air inside your home a true nightmare.

Select Mitsubishi Electric zoned comfort systems feature multi-stage allergen filtration to remove contaminants and odors from the air. Filters also trap dust, pollen and other particles that terrify allergy sufferers.

Our new Deluxe Wall-mounted Indoor Unit is the first of its kind to feature patented Dual Barrier Coating technology. Applied on the inside of the unit’s heat exchanger, vanes, air duct and blower wheel, the coated surfaces repel contaminants, simplifying system maintenance. Homeowners can rest assured their indoor units are running smoothly, without collecting damaging particle build up that can affect their indoor air quality and system performance over time.

From all of us at Mitsubishi Electric, we hope you have a happy and safe Halloween. Don’t forget — a Mitsubishi Electric system means better efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality. No tricks, just treats!