Three Reasons to Choose a Multi-Zone Heat Pump System

Updated: November 2022
Three Reasons to Choose a Multi-Zone Heat Pump System

Homeowners today are more familiar than ever with all-electric appliances and renewable energy, thanks to the growing push for decarbonization. Heat pump systems, solar panel arrays and electric vehicle chargers can be found in every type of dwelling – from tiny homes to luxury mansions, and apartment buildings to modest, single-family houses.

Though the benefits of heat pumps are recognized, some homeowners may be less familiar with the idea of multi-zone heat pumps. Questions may come to mind like, “How does one heat pump system deliver comfort to different zones?”, “Are they effective?”, “Will my system be less efficient when trying to meet different temperature set points?”

Allow us to introduce you to the benefits of multi-zone heat pump systems. Our split systems feature all-climate heat pumps and diverse styles of indoor units, providing superior comfort, low energy costs and ultra-quiet heating and air conditioning.

Read on to find out why the moment for multi-zone heat pumps has arrived.

Time for Comfort

A multi-zone system from Mitsubishi Electric will help you fully realize the promise of zoning. When we say “zoning,” we mean setting preferred temperature set points for each area to match how you use the space. For example, your bedroom, home office, kitchen, and sunroom can have individual set points without affecting the temperature in other areas of the home.

Here’s how multi-zone systems work: your outdoor unit connects with up to eight indoor units. Each indoor unit maintains the set point for a designated comfort zone and continuously communicates the zone’s heating or cooling demand to the outdoor unit. Instead of remaining constant, demand in a zone changes based on room occupancy, activities, the weather, and the sun’s positioning at a given time of day.

These systems are all about comfort, efficiency, control and maximizing energy savings. Thanks to our INVERTER-driven compressors, multi-zone systems from Mitsubishi Electric use the precise amount of energy needed to maintain your desired temperature. For zones you rarely use, you can save additional energy and money by reducing or turning off the zone’s conditioning until you want to use the space.

Time for an Upgrade

Upgrading your HVAC is a smart investment if you’re fixing up your house and want to appeal to potential buyers.

If your existing system uses ducts, a multi-zone heat pump system can use the existing ductwork and electric hookups. However, if your home has limited space for ductwork, we recommend a multi-zone ductless system.

Our ductless systems allow you to choose from several indoor unit styles to match your application and aesthetic preferences. Installation of ductless indoor units can be easier and requires minimal disruption to existing construction, saving you time and money, versus ducted type systems. In just a few days, you could have complete and precise control over your indoor environment.

Time to Host

Along with heating season, the holidays are here once again. If you’re inviting family, friends, and houseguests over to celebrate, you’ll want to make sure everyone is cozy and comfortable. With a multi-zone system keeping the different parts of your home comfortable and customized to everyone’s unique preferences, your houseguests are bound to be impressed!

While your kitchen and dining room are full of aunts, uncles, cousins and pets on Thanksgiving, you’ll need less heat in those rooms than in the bedrooms. And no matter how warm your parents like to keep the guestroom, our INVERTER-driven systems will keep you comfortable with your utility bills. The compressor in our heat pumps runs continuously, speeding up or slowing down as needed to reach the desired temperature. Because of this, variable-capacity heat pumps quickly reach and maintain desired set points with amazing energy efficiency. And energy efficiency means a lower electric bill; there’s a lot to be thankful for!

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