Whole-Home Solutions: More Than the Sum of Their Parts

Updated: December 2022
Whole-Home Solutions: More Than the Sum of Their Parts

When you choose Mitsubishi Electric for your heating and air-conditioning needs, you can design a whole-home solution to fit your lifestyle.

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you’re familiar with how our mini-split variable-capacity heat pumps maximize comfort and efficiency in individual rooms like home gyms, offices, finished basements or new additions. Imagine that same zone control for your entire home! Our multi-zone variable-capacity heat pumps are ready to exceed your comfort and lifestyle demands.

Our efficient and powerful whole-home heat pumps are the no-brainer solution for homeowners who want lower utility bills, smaller carbon footprints and customized comfort in every room.

Let’s talk about how Mitsubishi Electric’s customized whole-home systems work, how they compare to more traditional technologies and what the benefits are for homeowners like you.

The Inner Workings of a Whole-Home System

When you design a multi-zone solution for your home, your contractor will help you divide your home into comfort zones based on your layout and how you plan to use each space. This approach is ideal if you like to keep different rooms of your home at different temperatures throughout the day based on occupancy and each room’s purpose. Our systems are flexible and scalable, meaning you can have as many or as few separate zones as you want.

Multi-zone systems use one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor air-handling units. Connected to the outdoor unit via refrigerant piping, plus wiring for power and communication, each indoor unit serves a designated comfort zone and gives you individual control over each zone’s temperature. Multi-zone outdoor units can connect to up to eight indoor units with distinct temperature set points and operating schedules.

During cooling season, you’ll like to keep your kitchen at a lower temperature than other rooms, so you’ll be comfortable when you turn on your oven and stove. Or perhaps you’ll keep unoccupied bedrooms at a higher temperature during the day but program the system to lower the temperature in the evening, ensuring comfort before bedtime.

Your variable-capacity heat pump’s INVERTER-driven compressor varies the system’s capacity to match each zone’s comfort requirements and maintain your set point or preferred temperature. Using this technology, multi-zone systems provide energy efficiency and comfort for the whole home! Traditional whole-home systems can’t do this and are fully on using total capacity, which may be too much power and cost more to operate.

Ductless or Ducted

Once you’ve decided to pursue our whole-home variable-capacity heat pump system, the big question remains: should you go ductless or ducted? What’s right for you will depend on your home’s floorplan, your aesthetic preferences and your existing HVAC system.

For homes with existing ductwork, a ducted system using our ducted air handler or horizontal-ducted units may be the most logical and cost-effective choice. If you go ductless, you can choose from a variety of sleek, design-friendly indoor units, including wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed and floor-mounted styles.

Ducted or ductless, your contractor will work with you to determine the perfect configuration for your specific home. For example, you could customize comfort in a one-story home with two or three horizontal-ducted units. In a multi-story home, an inconspicuous recessed-ceiling cassette could condition the open floorplan first level, while wall-mounted units heat and air condition your upstairs bedrooms. Our independent Diamond Contractors® are trained to ensure your whole-home system delivers superior comfort to every zone.

There are many good reasons to choose a whole-home heating and air-conditioning solution from Mitsubishi Electric. To learn more about our variable-capacity heat pump systems and their benefits, visit MitsubishiComfort.com.

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