Gold Medal-worthy Performance

Updated: July 2023
Gold Medal-worthy Performance

The 2022 Winter Games kicked off in Beijing last week. The 3,000 participating athletes come from all corners of the world and all walks of life to compete in over one hundred different events. Regardless of country, background or sport, they share one common goal: to win gold.

This competitive spirit and winning mindset got us thinking: what are we doing to win gold in our customers’ eyes?

We serve homeowners across the country in all climate zones, with varying home designs, performance measures and comfort preferences. Across all projects, our common goal is providing energy-efficient, reliable and personalized comfort.

Just like winter-games athletes hone their skills in a sport or event, we've honed our expertise to become the leading provider of variable-capacity heat pump technology. If heating and cooling were sports, we’re confident we’d bring home the gold. Read on to learn why.

Innovative technologies for energy-efficiency

The games have come a long way in the millennia since they first began. Similarly, modern heat pumps have moved far beyond the conventional heat pump of past decades. Today’s homeowners are more aware of their carbon footprints, and they’ve made variable-capacity heat pumps the HVAC market’s fastest-growing segment.

All-electric, variable-capacity heat pumps are up to 40 percent more efficient than traditional systems, saving homeowners money and reducing their environmental impacts. Our systems utilize INVERTER-driven compressor technology to run quietly and maintain steady, comfortable temperatures while using minimal energy. Much like your heart always beats but beats faster when you’re exercising (or competing on the world’s stage), the INVERTER compressor runs constantly, ramping up and down as needed to meet your temperature set points.

Many of our systems have also earned ENERGY STAR® certification (we’ll consider it the EPA’s version of a gold medal).

Built to perform

The word “performance” often goes hand-in-hand with athletics, but the performance of your heating and air-conditioning system is just as important! A high-performing heat pump can elevate your home’s comfort and wellness to the tri-level podium!

Your contractor can tell you your system’s coefficient of performance (COP), a number describing the amount of heat your system can provide compared to the energy used. Like in most sporting events, the higher the score, the better!

Combustion-based heating systems such as furnaces and boilers top out with COPs of 0.96 to 0.98. A conventional electric-resistance system might achieve a COP of 1. Mitsubishi Electric heat-pump systems can offer COPs of 3 or higher at 5° F! Yes, our systems deliver superior performance even in extreme climates.

Superior comfort in any home, anywhere

In years past, homeowners in extremely cold climates had to rely on inefficient, fossil-fuel-burning furnaces and boilers for heat. Today, cold-climate heat pumps are widely available and reliable.

We bring year-round comfort to our customers with Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) technology. H2i technology performs at 100 percent of rated heating capacity in outdoor ambient temperatures as low as 5° F with continued operation down to -13° F. Select units available with Hyper-Heating INVERTER H2i plus™ technology further appeal to homeowners in cold areas by operating at 100 percent capacity in temperatures as low as -5° F.

As you watch the competitors this week in awe of their athleticism, consider upgrading your heating and air conditioning system to an electrifying champion of comfort. What our heat pumps lack in stunts and land-speed records, they make up in comfort, reliability and gold medal-worthy efficiency.

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Oh, and before we forget… go Team U.S.A!

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