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Hot Spot / Cold Spot

Why put up with rooms that are too hot or too cold? A single-zone solution from Mitsubishi Electric gives you the ability to set and maintain the ideal temperature in any individual room in your home.

The simple fix for uncomfortable spaces

  • Dual Barrier Coating

    Innovative coating repels dust, dirt, oil and grease adding durability and efficiency.

    *Only available in the Deluxe Wall Mount model.

  • Year-round Comfort

    Unlike unsightly (and unsafe) window units that only cool, our systems can cool or heat any room in your home.

  • Easy to Install

    With only a small opening needed to connect indoor and outdoor units, your licensed contractor can install your system quickly and with minimal disruption. 

  • Energy Efficient

    Mitsubishi Electric INVERTER technology maintains the exact temperature you set while using the minimum energy required.

Choosing the right system components for you

Explore our products and then consult a specially trained Mitsubishi Electric Contractor to help select the right product for you.

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