Case StudiesCustom HVAC Configurations for Custom Spaces

Mitsubishi Electric Trane heating and air conditioning products have enriched the lives of thousands of customers across North America. Explore the collection of their stories.
Lynch Cabin
Paul and Marion Lynch purchased and renovated a 1960s single-story ranch home in College Park, Ga. Their son Corbett Lunsford, host of the Home Diagnosis TV show pitched in to help them replace the home’s 20-year-old gas furnace/coil combo with a METUS electric heat pump.
The Kuntz Residence
What would it be like to never pay a power bill again? Mark Kuntz, chief executive officer, Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US, is well on his way to finding out. With a passion for high-performance building, Kuntz decided to put his knowledge to the test after buying an 11-acre property in Monroe, Georgia. Looking to build a home that would consume zero energy, incur no debt and utilize long-lasting materials, Kuntz set his sights on designing a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home utilizing Mitsubishi Electric's Zoned Comfort Solutions®, solar panels and high-performance insulation. The result has been outstanding with a confirmed HERS score of -13.
Schmeltzer Residence
Sally and Jason Schmeltzer moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 2005 and began their careers as chemistry faculty at UNC Asheville. As a couple and in their professional work, they strive to make choices that positively affect their family, students, community and overall global footprint. The same philosophy rang true when they set their sights on building a new, 1,750-square-foot, net-zero home. Making the choice to install the most efficient mechanical systems possible, the couple turned to Zoned Comfort Solutions® from Mitsubishi Electric for heating and air conditioning. The result: a comfortable home with impressive energy efficiency – they received a HERS score of -10!
Dahlgren Home
When local builder Joe Thomas found an older, 1000-square-foot home just a few miles from Downtown Atlanta, he knew it had potential. The potential to take energy-efficiency and whole-home building design to the next level. That said, he wanted the homeowners to reap the benefits of lower utility bills while not compromising aesthetics. The answer: Mitsubishi Electric’s Zoned Comfort Solutions® and in particular, the latest residential unit, the EZ FIT® Recessed Ceiling Cassette.
Ann Arbor Passive House
When Eric and Jo Ann decided to build a new home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, they set their sights on building a Passive House as a testament to the benefits of high-performing homes. To meet the stringent PHIUS+ requirements, as well as design a home that could stand up to frigid winter temperatures, the couple selected Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions®. Upon moving in, Eric and his family have been impressed, not only with the system’s comfort but its performance. The home has attained a HERS Index® score of 14, is ENERGY STAR® Certified, EPA Indoor airPLUS certified and is also projected to meet DOE Zero Energy Ready Home status.
The New American Home® (TNAH) 2020
Each year, The New American Home showcases the latest innovations and efficiency advancements in homebuilding. The New American Home 2020 is a 6,428-square-foot high-performance home overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. Its 10 comfort zones are efficiently heated and cooled by Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions®. The Mitsubishi Electric units offer whisper-quiet sound levels, simplified maintenance and tasteful design appeal, perfectly complementing the home's luxurious aesthetics.
The New American Home® (TNAH) 2019
This year marks the 36th edition of The New American Home® (TNAH). Sponsored by the Leading Suppliers Council (LSC) of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), every TNAH showcases the best in residential design and construction practices, while promoting the latest technological advances and efficiencies the housing industry has to offer.
Hicks and Nesbitt Residence
Joel Hicks and Megan Nesbitt recently bought an 1895 4,000-square-foot brick house in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. After a few months in the home, cold weather moved in and their outdated boiler system couldn’t keep up. Within five weeks, the boiler had burned through $650 worth of fuel oil, causing Hicks and Nesbitt to search for a new system. After much research and consideration, the couple selected Zoned Comfort Solutions® from Mitsubishi Electric.
Dowdell House
Cpl. Jonathan Dowdell served in the U.S. Marine Corps for eight years. After being severely injured by an explosion while on deployment in Afghanistan, he returned home, receiving a Purple Heart for his courage in combat. “It’s been several years now, and I’ve recouped well. I’m very active. Our new house has been instrumental in that; it was designed so everything is very accessible.” That house is an 1,800-square-foot, single-story home in League City, Texas. Operation FINALLY HOME (OFH), a national nonprofit organization that assists wounded veterans and their families, built the house mortgage free for Jon and Rebecca Dowdell, their daughter and their two dogs. Mitsubishi Electric has an ongoing partnership with OFH, and was honored to donate Zoned Comfort Solutions® to the Dowdells’ home.
Jacksonville Residence
For over 20 years, Brian—a homeowner and business owner—has brought his heating and cooling needs to Floyd Nealey, owner and operator, All Weather Mechanical Inc., Jacksonville, North Carolina. About 10 years ago, the two installed Zoned Comfort Solutions® from Mitsubishi Electric in Brian’s old home. When they recently set out to condition Brian’s new, 6,700-square-foot house in Jacksonville, Mitsubishi Electric’s P-Series systems were the obvious solution. They would provide extreme efficiency and the discreet look of a ducted system.