Case StudiesCustom HVAC Configurations for Custom Spaces

Mitsubishi Electric Trane heating and air conditioning products have enriched the lives of thousands of customers across North America. Explore the collection of their stories.
Fairway Independent Mortgage
Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Fairway Independent Mortgage has experienced exponential growth in recent years and in 2015, committed to build a new, 96,000-square-foot, energy-efficient office building. Working with Excel Engineering, a full-service architectural and engineering firm, Fairway Mortgage selected Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI® Water-Source Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. By selecting VRF, Excel was able to design a spacious floorplan and provide energy savings.
Schmeltzer Residence
Sally and Jason Schmeltzer moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 2005 and began their careers as chemistry faculty at UNC Asheville. As a couple and in their professional work, they strive to make choices that positively affect their family, students, community and overall global footprint. The same philosophy rang true when they set their sights on building a new, 1,750-square-foot, net-zero home. Making the choice to install the most efficient mechanical systems possible, the couple turned to Zoned Comfort Solutions® from Mitsubishi Electric for heating and air conditioning. The result: a comfortable home with impressive energy efficiency – they received a HERS score of -10!
Hollis Primary School
Hollis Primary School (HPS) has served its Hollis, New Hampshire community for generations. Housed within a brick masonry building constructed in 1952, HPS needed to be retrofitted to improve thermal comfort and the educational environment in a sustainable, energy-efficient way aligned with its community’s values. A new spray foam envelope for insulation, solar panels and Zoned Comfort Solutions® with Hyper-Heating INVERTER® technology proved essential to delivering energy-efficient comfort and transforming how happy students and staff experience their school. You’ll hear from the school principal and the energy-efficiency expert who worked with HPS and the school board through every stage of the retrofit.
Dahlgren Home
When local builder Joe Thomas found an older, 1000-square-foot home just a few miles from Downtown Atlanta, he knew it had potential. The potential to take energy-efficiency and whole-home building design to the next level. That said, he wanted the homeowners to reap the benefits of lower utility bills while not compromising aesthetics. The answer: Mitsubishi Electric’s Zoned Comfort Solutions® and in particular, the latest residential unit, the EZ FIT® Recessed Ceiling Cassette.
Twilight River Cruise
Modeled after Victorian-era steamboats, the Riverboat Twilight (Twilight) offers one- and two-day cruises on the upper Mississippi River. With design and engineering support from Meier Electric, the Twilight replaced its 36-ton chiller with Zoned Comfort Solutions® from Mitsubishi Electric. The combination of ductless and ducted Mitsubishi Electric units reduced hundreds of comfort complaints per year down to zero. In addition to meeting the challenges of heating and cooling a vessel with large glass windows, the system’s EZ FIT® Recessed Ceiling Cassettes fit precisely into the riverboat’s existing ceiling joists, which eliminated the need for structural changes during installation.
The Bank of San Antonio
Since its inception in 2007, The Bank of San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, has been built on strong relationships and quality service. However, when the bank’s success started to grow exponentially, it needed to find a space to accommodate employees and customers. After breaking ground on a new, 56,000-square-foot office space in 2015, the bank needed to find an energy-efficient HVAC system that offered quality comfort and control. The search ended by selecting Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology from Mitsubishi Electric.
UBER Advanced Technologies Group (ATG)
After UBER decided to build their Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) autonomous vehicle research facility in downtown Pittsburgh, they knew building automation was needed. Vehicle testing garages sit side-by-side with state-of-the-art conference rooms and office space. This drove the need for zone control and specialized ventilation. Mitsubishi Electric was able to deliver a single-source for all their HVAC, ventilation and controls needs with CITY MULTI® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), PremiSys® Fusion Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS), and Diamond Controls™ Solutions. The result has been seamless building control and occupant comfort.
Walnut Hill Community Church
Clay Norman has been a member of Bethel, Connecticut’s Walnut Hill Community Church since 1985. Serving as both an Elder and as the Director of Facilities, Norman has seen many church renovations over the years and knew the HVAC system needed to be replaced in 2017. But with four existing 32-ton ducted air handling units as well as a boiler and chiller, a replacement seemed difficult and costly. After consulting with a distributor and contractor, the streamlined and efficient solution was clear: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) from Mitsubishi Electric.
The Garrett-Jacobs Mansion
Built in the late 1800s, the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion is a historic, four-story home in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland. The building has been home base for the Engineering Society of Baltimore, Inc. (Engineers Club) since 1961 and members open up the venue for various associations and community events. A few years ago, the Engineers Club realized patrons required more accessibility to the upper floors of the mansion as well as a streamlined HVAC system. Their plan: build an adjacent 5,600-square-foot tower that connects to the building, providing access to the mansion and space for housing new HVAC equipment.
Ann Arbor Passive House
When Eric and Jo Ann decided to build a new home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, they set their sights on building a Passive House as a testament to the benefits of high-performing homes. To meet the stringent PHIUS+ requirements, as well as design a home that could stand up to frigid winter temperatures, the couple selected Mitsubishi Electric Zoned Comfort Solutions®. Upon moving in, Eric and his family have been impressed, not only with the system’s comfort but its performance. The home has attained a HERS Index® score of 14, is ENERGY STAR® Certified, EPA Indoor airPLUS certified and is also projected to meet DOE Zero Energy Ready Home status.