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Explainer: What’s the History of All-Climate Heat Pumps?
Today, most U.S. homes have heating and/or air-conditioning systems. Depending on your region and climate, you may have both or just one, but chances are your home gets some conditioning at least part of the year.
Do More Than Paper Straws! Install a Heat Pump
2023 has officially begun, and if you’re the resolution-making type, you’re taking steps toward achieving your goals. Resolutions and goals are commonly centered around personal health, but many people are taking a broader view and also considering how to improve our planet’s health through sustainability.
Have a Holly, Jolly Heat Pump
The holidays are here, adding family gatherings, end-of-year parties and social get-togethers of all kinds to your schedule. But for much of the country, the festive holiday season is accompanied by winter’s chill. Pro tip: if you want your guests to enjoy themselves inside your home without needing to don their winter coats or bundle up in hats and scarves, you better plan ahead. A good home heating system can make or break the memorable times you hope to have this season.
Keep Your Heating and Cooling System Healthy Year-round with Proper Maintenance
At this point in the year, many homes in the U.S. have their heating systems back in action. The start of heating season is a notoriously busy time for HVAC contractors, as homeowners discover issues with their systems or are reminded of problems they put off in the warmer months. For homeowners, this can mean delayed service due to packed schedules, or out-of-stock parts due to high demand, leaving them uncomfortable.
Three Reasons to Choose a Multi-Zone Heat Pump System
Homeowners today are more familiar than ever with all-electric appliances and renewable energy, thanks to the growing push for decarbonization. Heat pump systems, solar panel arrays and electric vehicle chargers can be found in every type of dwelling – from tiny homes to luxury mansions, and apartment buildings to modest, single-family houses.
Project Profile: Geo Home
What does the future of home building look like? For Houston-based GIGA Construction, energy-independent residences built to prioritize health and efficiency are the next generation. One of their latest developments, Geo Home, aims to show homeowners and other builders what’s possible.
Happy Halloween: Is Your HVAC System Treating You or Tricking You?
Time to string up the cobwebs, carve the pumpkins, and stock up on candy, because Halloween is right around the corner!
Heat Pumps in Extreme Cold Climates: Busting Myths and Misconceptions
While variable-capacity HVAC technology was introduced to the U.S. over 30 years ago and is very common abroad, many consumers in the U.S. are still getting familiar with heat pump technology. Join us as we debunk some of the most common “myths” about these systems!
Dollars and Sense: Pump Up Your Savings with an HVAC Upgrade
Hello, financially conscious homeowners! If you’ve visited our blog before, you already know Mitsubishi Electric heating and air-conditioning systems can save you serious money on utility bills.
Explainer: Where Do Greenhouse Gases Come From?
As a provider of all-climate, variable-capacity heat pumps, we often share information about our indoor units and outdoor units. But let’s talk about the first “split” system for thermal comfort: the Sun and greenhouse gases (GHG).