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Home Office
Your home office has likely seen more use in the past year than ever before! Whether you’re working remotely, flexing your hours between work and home or using this space to manage your family’s activities, home offices are in demand.    As many hours as you log behind the desk, your home office has to function for you. A quiet, comfortable space is essential; nothing is worse than sweating while you’re on a Zoom call. That’s where the right heating and air-conditioning system can make all the difference.   
Home Needing Quieter Solution
Your home should be a safe haven, your place to be completely comfortable. But let’s face it, a loud home isn’t a relaxing home. Think about when your dog barks at the mailman, a bowl clatters to the floor in the kitchen, or the kids have an impromptu dance party right above your ceiling. These sounds on occasion are fine, but they’re not something you want to hear all day, every day. So why would you settle for constant noise from your heating and air-conditioning system?  
Heating and Air Conditioning for a Home Addition
If you’ve decided to expand your home, a separate ductless or ducted mini- or multi-split system can heat and cool the new space without modifying your existing HVAC system or spending money on new ductwork.   
Garages are good for so much more than simply storing cars! Your home can be enhanced by extending the usable space to your garage. It’s the perfect setting for taking on new projects or hobbies. That said, for most homeowners, garage activities are limited to a few months a year due to extreme winter and summer temperatures. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix!  
Finished Room Over Garage
Does your home have a FROG? No, not the hopping, green kind — we’re talking about a Finished Room Over the Garage. FROGs increase livable square footage in a home with minimal disruption to the original design.  
Exercise Room
Home is a great place to invest your “sweat equity!” Having an exercise room in your home is convenient and a great motivator to make sure you’re sticking to a fitness routine. But whether it’s equipped with all the bells and whistles, a treadmill or just a set of free weights, your home gym is a space where proper air circulation and high indoor air quality (IAQ) matters.
Boiler-Heated Home
Mitsubishi Electric’s mini- and multi-split systems provide total heating and cooling for a whole home, or you can use them to supplement an existing boiler. This approach is common in colder regions when a homeowner has a boiler they prefer to stay operational. Thanks to our cold-climate heating performance, our all-electric heat pump technology becomes the primary heater, and the boiler remains a backup heating source.  
Homes Needing Better Efficiency
The investments you make into your living environment should work for you, and an important component is your home’s energy efficiency. Predictable energy bills are not only beneficial for your wallet, but ensure your residential systems are working optimally, as intended.
Finishing or remodeling your basement is a great way to boost your home’s usable square footage and value. If you’ve decided to remodel, you’ve probably already thought about how you’ll use your updated basement, be it for a home office, theater room or extra bedroom. As with any remodel, decision-making goes beyond just functionality. The extra livable space you’ll gain in your basement also means additional square footage to decorate, maintain and condition. With all the decisions you need to make, choosing your heating and air-conditioning solution should be an easy one.  
All-Electric Home
If you’re considering an all-electric home, you’re likely motivated in part by environmental concerns. You want to reduce your carbon footprint through electrification and help mitigate climate change, especially as the grid gets greener.